How much do you charge for an initial visit?

At Spring Fresh Cleanings, we keep your budget in mind while providing you with the most detail-oriented service. Our prices for an initial visit vary depending on the rough description and location of your space. Please refer to our Services tab for prices of first visits.


How much do you charge after the initial visit?

Once you engage in a contract with us, the pricing of future cleaning services will be determined by a number of factors including your location, your cleaning goals and needs, the frequency of the cleanings, and your budget. We do our absolute best to find the right balance for your needs and your budget.


What if I only want help cleaning once in a while?

We will be happy to provide one-time services, however clients who contract us for weekly or bi-weekly services enjoy the most affordable pricing as we make sure to pay close attention to detail every time we clean your home or office.


What is the advantage of working with Spring Fresh Cleanings on a regular basis?

Your home will always be organized and clean, and you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money.


I have pets, will you clean their spaces as well?

Absolutely! We love pets and our staff have no allergies.


Will you charge me more for cleaning a house with pets?

No! Pets are part of your family, and as such, their living space is your living space as well.


Do I provide my own cleaning supplies and equipment?

Our regular clients typically have products that they like and are used to, we will make sure to accommodate to your preference. However, we always bring a set of our cleaning products to complement the products that you have at home to ensure the best cleaning results.


Does Spring Fresh Cleanings offer move-in and move-out services?

Yes! Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.